Sunday, December 2, 2012

Elf Invasion

Well, it's that time again! The elves are back so I thought I'd let you in on their escapades. They actually came back a little early (hubby's hiding place was not that great!) but I didn't think to post those pictures. Yesterday they were found hanging out with some of the nutcrackers in my daughter's collection.
One appeared to be "carried away" by the Rat King...

while the other appeared to have accepted a piggy back ride from the drummer.
They had been hanging in the stairway garland the other day but my son sent them off with a letter to Santa so they stayed gone a few days.


Michele said...

Very cute. We just started the elf tradition here over the weekend and it will be interesting to see all that Tiwinkle ends up doing.

Sharon B said...

I have a collection of AnnaLee elves and santas. Just added a santa and mrs claus of vintage 30"!