Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Here Came the Bride...and There Goes the Mrs!!

We made a family trip to Seattle this weekend for my brother-in-law's wedding. They live near the Port Townsend area which is where we stayed. SOOO beautiful there!
It was a beautiful place to see and we enjoyed getting to visit. I'm still recovering a bit from the jet lag. It was my 7 year old son's first plane trip and on the way he got to see a strange phenomena;
Sky Shark!!! This was so funny because all the other clouds were either flat or just a little fluffy.
I loved all the bridges. We had to cross a couple of floating bridges and this cool one as well.
We spent some time in Port Townsend while we were there; it was such a quaint seaside town. They were having a wooden boat festival while we were there.
Such gorgeous architecture!
So peaceful and beautiful...
They had the wedding in her grandmother's backyard. How absolutely breathtaking is this for a setting?
And a harpist for the music. Wow. It was truly beautiful and I am so very excited to have a wonderful new sister in law. And she quilts! How cool is that?
I'm finally getting over the jet lag so I'm going to get back to work tomorrow but I wanted to post  a bit about our trip!

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