Thursday, September 26, 2013

Redecorating Dilemmas... With iPhone Solutions!

Okay, so I really want to redo the curtains in my kitchen. I made them when we first moved into the house and they have served it well. However, it is time they retired. I have been slowly acquiring a set of multi-colored Fiesta Ware and I am so inspired by all the colors. Kohls had them on sale 4/$99.99 and this past weekend they had an extra 20% off coupon so I have now moved up to having 10 place settings.

All the colors just make me so crazy and I love it! The colors I'm thinking of using for the kitchen come from a 1/2 yard bundle of Verona by Riley Blake  I purchased a while back.

I'm not totally positive that's what I'm going to use but I really love it for kitchen colors. The two fabrics on the far left were not part of the bundle, but were purchased recently when the LQS went out of business. I liked that it pulled a bit more red into the bundle, and I'm pretty sure I bought about 2 yards of the red on the far left. I was trying to figure out what color to repaint the walls if I decided to do this when I came across a really cool app. It's called the Benjamin Moore Color Capture app and it's free for the iPhone and android.
It works a lot like Palette Builder over at Play Crafts. Open the app, take a picture with the phone, and then it will pull up a palette of Benjamin Moore paint colors that match! I have figured out that the colors it pulls up vary slightly when the picture is taken in different lighting, but it's at least a jumping off point. You could use it to pull up colors, then go to the store to make sure the paint chips match up correctly. Don't like Benjamin Moore? Just go pick up the paint chips and take them to another store to match up.
Here's how it looks. I figure it's a starting point. I know I have Spring Rain pulled up but I will probably be going with the Driftwood color on the far left or the Harbor Gray on the right. How cool is that?

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Michele said...

Very cool and a great idea. Yes we like BM paint ourselves.