Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Pay It Forward...Gift 2

So I lucked out big time that the winner of my SMS giveaway was also one of the lovely ladies participating in my Pay It Forward, Kelly from live, love, create. I have already sent out gift number 1 to one of the ladies and this is gift two. I decided I would just add it to the prize box she received. I was a little worried because I decided to send crochet instead of quilting, the thought being that not everyone who blogs about quilting can crochet so I would be sending something they don't necessarily do themselves. One of the colors she listed as being a favorite was aqua so I ended up making her a cowl and a flapper style winter hat. Then I sent them. Without taking pictures. Luckily she sent me an Instagram shot in an email to thank me for the gift. I think she likes them; at least she looks like it in the picture!
I always worry about hat sizes cause my head is large but I think it looks great on her! Now, I have one more to go. I have 1/2 of it done, but I wanted to add something else to it as well (no, I haven't forgotten you!). 
I hope you all have a great New Year! We spent ours in the mountains of North Georgia with family. A tiny bit of snow, some rain, but a lot of fun!! I actually left without remembering to take a scarf or hat so I whipped up both while I was up there! Now, back to quilting!

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Eden said...

those are great gifts! and they do look good on her, very cute hat and fab colors!