Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Taking Stock...

A dear friend lost her husband this weekend. He started having some problems in early April of this year and was hospitalized a couple of times with some bleeding. After all the testing, they determined that he had cirrhosis of the liver caused by a cancerous tumor.  He and his wife were able to spend his last weeks in the home of his daughter and son in law, surrounded by family. He is a devout Christian and I have no doubts he is in the arms of our Lord right now. I am reminded of the battle my brother in law currently is in with colon cancer as well. He is 45 years old and has two kids. It reminds me that we are not promised tomorrow. For that matter, we are not promised the next five minutes. It really helped me think about reorganizing things in my life and giving them the importance they require; I just have to be diligent in following through with them.

  1. I will strive to have moments with my husband and children. We are going to my other brother in law's wedding in Washington in a few weeks. We could have worked out leaving the children here but there are moments to be had; first trip to Washington, first trip on a plane, seeing and being there for family.
  2. I will strive to better myself emotionally. I participate in a Bible study each week but I would like to be more consistent about reading it and learning what God has planned for me.
  3. I will strive to better myself physically. I have always battled my weight but I've noticed a huge difference in my muscle tone since I fell and hurt my shoulder last September. I went for long periods of time doing nothing and, though the scale has not changed much, my muscle tone has reduced a lot.
  4. I will strive to be healthier. I have not been eating like I should and I desperately need to lose weight. I need to do something to make a change.


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

With God, all things are possible. Remember to include him in your family time, and even in your food decisions (pray that he will help you to make good choices).

Michele said...

Unfortunately it is events like that one that always make one take stock of one's own life. I'm glad you are making changes to make your life a happier one.