Thursday, August 1, 2013

Lovin' Me a Freebie!

I save Coke Reward points in their online program. Last year I was able to get myself and one of my kids in free to the World of Coca-Cola Museum. Having to pay for only one child was helpful. This year we figured out that there are some restaurants that print points on their receipts, so my mom has been sending me numbers to input for a while now. School starts back next week so I thought I'd cash them in again; this time we all three got in free! Suh-weet! It was a lot of fun for our last hurrah before returning to school next week. The kids loved the tasting room where you could try various Coke products from all over the world.

I think my favorite thing was this cool pixelating frame they had. I got a great picture of my daughter's friend in it before they rushed us into the 'secret vault' where the original version of the recipe is kept.
The LQS that is closing had another markdown emailed out so I'm going to run by there tomorrow to see what I can pick up now that fabrics are a little cheaper. I'm going to look for some backings and maybe some rulers if she still has any I can use.

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Michele said...

Free is always good!