Saturday, March 17, 2012

Come On and Wiggle It...Just a Little Bit!

Okay, get your mind somewhere else! I was referring to teeth! Each of my kids lost a tooth over a two day period. My daughter lost hers two days ago, while Little Man lost his first tooth last night. Hubby talked him through it until he pulled it. See, we don't pull teeth. We let them do it themselves.  I have always been willing but my daughter never wanted us to so it just sort of ended up being this way. It makes me laugh when I think of my own childhood. My dad was the tooth puller in our family. Even our cousins would get sent over to our house by their parents to have dad pull their teeth!

I don't usually put pictures of the kids on my blog but this was just so cute.

Don't forget it's National Quilting Day! And I have officially started on Twin quilt number 2!


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I remember those days well. How much does the tooth fairy pay these days?

Kelli said...

Soooo cute!! My little is 5 and I'm sure this day will be in our not too distant future. :/ Growing up too fast! ;)

Michele said...

Ah. Something that I'm expecting to have to deal with before too long. And yes what is the going rate per tooth these days?

Nice start to the next twin.