Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WiP at the Pool!

Well, that's what it feels like, anyway! We've been staying at the pool a lot this week. It keeps the kiddos happy and outside which works for me. It also keeps me away from my sewing machine, which doesn't work for me. I HAVE been sewing in the morning so I finished getting all my Bottled Rainbows blocks prepped and ready so I don't have to keep doing a few at a time before working on them. What was that you ask? When have I been getting the cleaning done? Who let you in this party?

Anywho! What do I have going on this week? Well, still waiting on my second Kona solid to arrive via mail so I can cut it up into 10" squares for Jane's swap. I have papaya and blush pink.
I have my Bottled Rainbows all stacked up and waiting while I finish a second orange.

I also volunteered to be a pattern tester for Michelle over at CityHouseStudio for this cute little bag. I have been dying to try out quilting letters. I can't decide if I want to quilt them or applique them. Either way it's adorable. Gotta get started on that one soon too. Mitzi reminded me that I also need to have 3 granny squares made for Monday's quilt guild meeting. I totally forgot but luckily they come together pretty quickly.

Still no word on when Seussical practice starts but I think it's going to be fun!


Anonymous said...

Your Bottled Rainbows is looking great, Melinda! I can't wait to see it finished.

A pattern tester? Wow, I'd love a gig like that! Have fun with it!

Did you delete the last couple of lines on this post? After adorable, it looks different. Just so ya know ; )

Mitzi said...

yeah, not much cleaning going on at my house either - much rather be sewing! I collected some eggplant and cerise scraps for your BR quilt. I will bring them Monday.

Diana and LaDonna said...

Love that orange fabric!