Saturday, March 16, 2013

Baseball Season Has Begun!

My son's team had their first game of the season this morning and they won! He is playing on the 7-8 year old teams now and this year is the first year where they actually call a winner of the game. Totally coach pitch, 5 chances to hit or you're out (as opposed to 5 until you can hit it off the T), and this is the first year they go by the three outs rule. It was really fun to watch because you can tell they're really getting how it works now and everyone is trying to come together as a team. Fun Saturday morning at the ball field; now off to my LQS for thread!!!
I fixed my niece's quilt top and I have the backing done. Now I just need to pick up some batting and thread to start quilting!!!


Sophie Belle Designs said...

It's nice to get outdoors on a Saturday. I was out watching my 7 year old daughter play football. In Dublin, Ireland. :) Mum's all over the world doing the same thing on Saturday mornings!

Michele said...

Have fun with that! Hubs and I were just wondering yesterday if Jammer will ever be interested in baseball. He isn't fond of team sports.