Friday, March 1, 2013

Jack the “seam” Ripper!

Wouldn't that be a cool name for a seam ripper? I think I'm just going to start saying that. "Yeah, I'm going to be taking up with old Jack for a couple of hours!" Okay, maybe that doesn't sound quite like I thought it would... but take up with Jack is what I did tonight. I was working on the mock-ish stained glass version of the double slice quilt this evening. I had to spend some quality time with "the ripper" taking apart the blocks I'd already sewn together before figuring out that I didn't like them that way. After ripping, I finally got back to sewing them with the black sashing. I got almost 3 rows done before hearing hubby arrive home from a late meeting.

Sorry the sides are flopping down. It's a bit wider than my design board. I think it's funny how different it looks without the black horizontal stripes. Those will make a huge difference. I've got to pick up some more black Kona for that. I've also got to figure out quilting. Not so much how to quilt it, but what color thread. Not sure I want black going across the colors, but I don't want white going across the black. Maybe a variegated one would look cool. Oooh! I think I'm liking that idea. I'll have to hit the quilt shop tomorrow and see what's available! What do you think?


Michele said...

I think a variegated one would be great. And I think the black is a perfect addition. I can't wait to see it completed.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

funny! I was ripping seams while watching Pirates of the Caribbean (Capt. Jack Sparrow) this weekend.