Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Bunny Visits

The Easter Bunny visited my kids this morning. It appears that he chose to boycott all the junk. There was some candy (though it seems a bag went missing when we came to my parents' house!), my son got a new baseball glove and my daughter some new t-shirts. I appreciate not having a bunch of cheap little things which would just clutter my floors and end up in the garbage, plus they got things they like. When we get back home, I will get back to work on my sewing machine wall hanging and Alye's quilt!
Happy Easter!!!

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Michele said...

I hope you had a Happy Easter. My kids only get a tiny amount of candy too. Jammer was all to happy with his 2 small Lego car kits and new books plus the swim goggles for the summer. Sunshine was thrilled with her books, her Rapunzel doll and her new jump rope. Fun things is better than too much candy any day.