Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fruity Yogurt Popsicles

Recipes on blogland, there sure are a plenty
I looked up popsicles and came across twenty
But I decided to come up with a kind of my own
So mine is unique and not just a clone!

Some yogurt, not flavored. Just plain...and some fruit
A knife, spoon, and bowl. Now this is a hoot.
Agave nectar will make it taste sweeter
Use low fat so you won't be a diet cheater!

Some popsicle forms (I got mine at Publix)
Now you're ready to start, some yummies to fix!
Add enough yogurt to fill all your forms
Some agave to taste and the treat then transforms!
(I used about 1.5 cups yogurt and about a teaspoon of agave nectar light)
Then your favorite fruit chopped up into bits
Berries are nice, or peaches (no pits!)
(for strawberries I ran two through the chopper to make a slurry; this added a little flavor to the actual yogurt. 
With blueberries, I just mashed up the blueberries in the yogurt)
Fill up each mold and freeze until done
Eat up and enjoy, having fun in the fun!!!


Brenda Turner said...

Love the poem! The pops look really good.

Michele said...

Adorable and so yummy looking. Will be trying this too.