Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Life Full of Color

Okay, I just had to include that shot! We went to a local car show with hubby the other week and there's a local guy who has a "Mystery Machine!" I have seen it around town a couple of times but never this close up. Scooby is usually hanging out the passenger's side window. Oh, and what's that? Does it say? Why yes it does...
It has 'rut-ro' on the door! The inside is green shag and if you look at the upper picture again, you will notice that the whole gang is sort of appliqued (to use a quilting word!) to the inside wall so it looks like you're sitting with them when you sit on the bench seats inside. So cool and brings back memories.

I still haven't made it back into my sewing room but I am hard at work brain-wise on things that need to get done there! I finally picked up another fabric for my kitchen redo. I had used a Riley Blake Verona 1/2 yard bundle as the jumping off point, added a Vintage Modern print and a tone on tone I picked up from the LQS closing sale, and today I picked up a ModKid print from Joann's. Here is my color assortment as it stands.
The teal on the right is a text print and everything is in French. Love it! I was amazed at how it all blended. I think I'm going to pull the dots out though. Even though it actually was part of the Verona line, I don't actually have any prints with that particular color teal in them. I'm toying around with how to use the back prints as my volume and the front ones as accents. Since my living room flows out from my kitchen and I only have one window to cover in there, I will probably incorporate them in there as well. If I have enough, I will try to recover some of my couch cushions. We'll see what I can do with them.

Hubby knocked his towel rack off the wall this weekend by accident, and when he couldn't get it to stay up he decided it was time to update them and all the other bathroom hardware. This also generalized into our kitchen because we still had those little round gold colored balls as the door pulls. Hubby asked if I wanted to keep them but I couldn't think of anything to use them for so he threw them away. Then I went to Pinterest. Yikes! I didn't see anything specific that I wanted to do but it got my brain a-chugging so I went and dug them out of the trash. Oh, and lucky me...they had all fallen to the bottom! Yay! ......not. Anyway, I was able to salvage 30 of the 32 before I decided to give up.
I'm going to pick up some Krylon Brushed Nickel paint to change the colors and use them for a variety of purposes. I thought about attaching a few to a painted strip of wood. Then I could attach it to the wall, hang cans from it and put sewing notions in the cans in my sewing room. Ooh, and with 30 of them I could even make a couple to give as gifts. How cool is that


Lucy @ Charm About You said...

That van is so cool! Great storage idea!

Michele said...

the van is most definitely cool and your knob idea is a great one.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Go Scooby! Love that teal word fabric.