Sunday, October 27, 2013

Why, Why, Why?

Amy is giving away a Baby Lock Melody Sewing Machine and she asks that you write a post on why you'd like to win one. So,.....why would I like to win one?

Because my birthday is this Saturday, that's why! I have NO idea why this did not cross my mind when I was writing this but wouldn't that make just about THE perfect gift for a 45th birthday?!!!

My aunt and grandmother taught my cousins, sister and myself to embroider and cross-stitch when we were children. I was a married adult by the time I was introduced to a sewing machine, though I do remember my grandmother and aunt having a pedal Singer. My hubby had to actually teach me how to use it because I had no idea where to start. I sewed a few pieces of clothing, some pillows, and some curtains; I've never been one to start small. This was again apparent when I started quilting, about 3 years ago. The very first quilt I decided to make was a full sized Turning Twenty for my daughter. What?!! I used my $200 Kenmore for 14 years before I started looking for something a little better.

When I broached the subject with hubby, he was on board with a more advanced machine...until I started quoting prices. The idea of a sewing machine that costs $1000 was not in his plan, so when it came time to upgrade, I ended up with a $250 Singer Confidence Quilter. I ordered it online so it was only when it arrived that I realized that it wasn't horribly different than what I already had. The speed is a little better and it has needle down position which I didn't already have. It also came with a table extension which was a vast improvement.

I have never even test driven the more expensive machines for the simple reason's just not going to happen unless I win one. So... why do I want one? For better speed, for better ability to FMQ, the knee lift (the idea of this just amazes me!), and for the sheer fact that I would have a much more advanced machine. I have an 11 year old daughter who I would love to teach to sew on my older machine. I feel more confident in setting her loose on something that moves a bit slower, and having the Melody would allow me to work on something at the same time she is working on her own project.

In conclusion....PICK ME!!! PICK ME!!!!! PLEASE!!!


Michele said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I learned how to quilt on my mothers old Kenmore from 1973. That machine now belongs to my youngest son. Hubby bought me a lovey Janome 9 years ago. Now I collect vintage machines. Good luck.