Monday, August 6, 2012

Back to School and Back to Sewing!

So I had a bit of trouble getting motivated to get back into my sewing room and routine but I have finally gotten going again. The kids are back in school today so it's time to get some things finished! And my Bottled Rainbows is first on that list!!
It is about 90x90 and I did free motion quilting on each block individually before attaching them all together.I will say that this caused a little puckering but you can't really tell when it's on my bed. The blocks were attached to the back with a zigzag stitch that I used only on the seams where the blocks met. Here are some of my favorite pieces that I FMQ'ed. Keep in mind that I have only done a little FMQ but I'm proud of it anyway.

And my favorite is this one. Again, not perfect, but I was really proud of how it all came together.
And here is the back of the quilt.
It doesn't pull up on the left corner. I just moved it and didn't realize it looked like that until I loaded the pictures. It is now resting on my bed (woohoo!). My MIL has already expressed how much she loves it but it will have to live at my house for a while. I am also going to put pictures of each block in my flickr account. I haven't decided whether the pics I took will do or if I need to take ones in better light. We shall see.


piece peace said...

It looks just fabulous. You should be feeling proud!

Cindy said...

Well done!

Linz said...

Oh my goodness!!!! It looks amazing!! I love the FMQ on it! What a great idea!! Amazing back!! Love it!!