Monday, August 20, 2012

Mama's Taking Us to the Zoo Tomorrow! (Well, Saturday!)

I mentioned Saturday that we had  rough start to the school year. But I have to say that Saturday itself ended up A-MA-ZING! My daughter's GS troop went to the Atlanta Zoo and we did a tour. It just so happened it was Free day for Fulton County so they let us in for free as well (even though we don't live in Fulton County!). The tour guide, Mr. Thad, walked us through several of the exhibits and gave the girls a lot of background information on the animals. Then we got to go behind the scenes to the Nutrition Kitchen where they prepare the meals for the animals.

The kids loved hearing about the fishscicles they make for the otters when it's hot, and thoughi it was amazing that in order to make something similar for the elephants (a fruitscicle), they have to put it in a large trashcan...the huge rolling kind they have in school cafeterias! He said it takes 5 days to freeze and 5 seconds for the elephants to demolish!

He also took us through the animal hospital and we had an animal encounter with a red tailed boa constrictor named Shayla and a hedgehog named Gusteau!
Several of us moms who have taken our kids to this zoo remarked on how things really just seemed to come together for this trip. There was not one animal in it's habitat that we did not see. That never happens. Even the lion, who is only ever out on his rock or not seen, was lying right in front of the glass one of the times we came by.
My favorites, however, are the orangutans. And this fellow was just too much.
How can you not love that face?
Then, after 6.5 hours of walking around, my friend and I threw ourselves and our girls into the car for the trip home. We decided to hit Sonic for a Slushie on the way home and just happened to hit it at happy hour so they were half price! Woo hoo!

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Jamie Lee said...

That sounds like a perfect day! ps. I love Raffi!