Wednesday, August 8, 2012

WiP Wednesday: Where Seussical Takes Over!

There once was a cat that appeared in some books
A cat with a hat gets some very odd looks!
The stories about him were loved far and wide,
So an idea was hatched and his words were all eyed!

A musical! That would be totally perfect!
They set out to work, which stories to select.
This one and that one, add music and lyric
A Flibberdiflibert and a blue haired old Wirick!

It all came together and all went quite well,
So well, in fact, oh do let me tell!
People all over the world started singing it,
Some were quite fab and some were just winging it!

Til one day the theater in my town decided
It was time to perform it, so a director presided.
He chose all his characters, surprise and "gaw-lee",
One of the characters chosen was me!

Practices started and singers were singing
Dancers were dancing and springers were springing!
I got so darn busy, things weren't getting done
No sewing, no crafting, but I'm still having fun!

What IS done? Bottled Rainbows and a cover is started
for my new Nexus 7 (cause my hubby's big hearted!).
A border I added to a Mystery Block
That's it. There's no more. So no more small talk.

I'm done. That is it. Nothing here left to say.
So get back to sewing and have a great day!

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Mitzi said...


Linz said...

You are awesome!!!!

Sara said...

Love that post---love it!!!

Seuss is so great!

OH and your quilt is wonderful;)

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LynCC said...

lol :D

Cindy said...

Brilliant! Thanks for the giggle.

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

I love this post! So creative and brilliant :)
The quilt is beautiful!

AlyceB said...

LOL! Love it. And your quilt too!