Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Life Goes On...

Not a lot of blogging, but a whole lot of "life-ing" going on. My days have been so packed lately, and not always with good stuff. My gifted daughter has been struggling with grades and school lately because she is suffering with bouts of depression. As anyone who has dealt with depression in their family knows, it affects everyone it touches so our lives have been very tumultuous lately. Wednesday of last week was particularly rough which lead to a complete breakdown by me on Thursday. Having to endure biweekly appointments to be beaten up by a physical therapist has not made things better. My shoulder is improving but not without a lot of fatigue and crankiness. Crankiness doesn't mesh well with depression if you haven't guessed, so I have to be careful about how I speak and what I say.
On the bright side, hubby and I went to a gala at the local community theater Saturday night where they announced their 2013-2014 season. I got to see so many of my theater peeps and it pepped me up so much to see people get excited to see me! Nothing like feeling needed. Now I just have to find ways to convince my daughter she is needed as well.

I initially didn't add things I've been working on but decided to go back and throw in some pictures to prove I have not been completely un-crafty!
I am working on some different colored placemats to go with my Fiesta Ware dishes.
So far I have a red one and an orange one.
I also made a shawl, WHICH I LOVE!
I loved it so much I did one in a variegated yarn for color.
I also have been feeling that need for a dog in the house again so I had to go get my puppy fix at Petsmart this weekend. Several of the rescue places represented had dogs taken from a recent hoarding situation. The woman had 75 dogs on her property. I don't understand people. How do you think you can properly take care of that many animals? They said the judge let her keep 10. What's sad is that she will probably have 80 by next year again. They were so very cute but several were definitely a bit shy and reserved which goes without saying.

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Michele said...

I think we all go through patches like this but hopefully you are on your way to better days soon. I understand the need for the puppy fix. Sunshine keeps asking for a pet and while we are no where near ready to go there yet, I do think about it a lot. It would be fun to have a fur baby again but it wouldn't be fun to clean up after it.