Friday, February 1, 2013

Last but Not Least...

I finished and sent out my last border for the Quilt U Be Mine Round Robin yesterday. I won't say where it went but I kind of wish I had gotten to go with it! Very jealous. I will elaborate when I know it has been received but i thought I'd add a wee hint of what I added. Not enough to really know anything but just enough to wonder!

It's kind of blurry because I took an overall picture and cropped this off, but that's okay because it helps with the whole mystique of it being a hint! Make sure to check back in on Feb. 14th for the big reveal. I got mine back already and I absolutely love it. I may just do a reveal on it since it won't be finished by that time. I'm thinking about adding more borders to take it out to lap quilt size and let it be for one of my nieces. What are you working on today?

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