Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WIP Wednesday...Yes, I fell off the Planet!

So what the heck have I been up to? Life, mostly. But I have been trying to get my sewing mojo back in gear. I have a niece who is turning 18 this weekend and going to college next year so I decided that would be may of getting around making quilts for the nieces at Christmas. I made one two years ago for the niece whose name we drew. Then last year we got the same niece's name so I let it slide. This is a way around making it just a Christmas thing. I've just got to decide which of the multiple quilts I have in progress to finish for her! I need to finish them all but one needs to be quickly so here are a few options.
The Skill builder Sampler from Leila's blog. I did the first twelve blocks; the first 11 are in the orange, blue and green but for some dumb reason, the last one has some red and black (UGA colors) so I would probably need to pick one more block to do. Then sash, make a back and quilt it.

Then there's the red, black and white quilt top I just received back from the Quilt U Be Mine Round Robin.
 For this one I will need to expand it a bit more to get it lap size. It's only 41 inches square right now so I would need a good 15-20 inches more around, then a back and quilt it, of course.

Another option is a double slice quilt like the one I did for Mack. I started this one with my quilting guild and got the idea to use a layer cake of tone on tone prints I got participating in a swap with Bree and Julie over at Distant Pickles a while back. I wasn't sure how I liked it. It was so busy with the colors that it really didn't allow your eye to rest anywhere, so I decided to play with some black sashing to give it a sort of stained glass feel. I love how the black makes the colors pop more.
The bottom row was where it was going before. Just for the heck of it I placed a black strip on top to see how it's going to look and I like it even more.
I just can't decide if I'd rather have the strips a little thinner.

Another option is the gray, yellow and aqua granny square I was working on. It's currently behind the double slice on my board, and I was too lazy to take it down for the picture.
I know, but I'm tired! We got a new dog Sunday and I've been doing some house training! I'm so tired of walking already!
Anyway, quilty decisions to make and quickly!!!!

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Michele said...

I'm going to suggest the Skill Builder or the Quilt U Be Mine piece since both of those would finish quicker than the other options. Less stress to get it finished while helping your newest family member to adjust is a good thing.

Sewing Mom said...

You have a lot of lovely projects in the works. I love that first block. And the black sashing is great too...and I love your grannies hiding out back there...I'm hoping to make some of those shortly. =)

Visiting from WIP Wednesday. Have a great day.

Mindy said...

Ooh--I like that black trim!

Anonymous said...

I am partial to round robins, and yours is lovely. It invites another red + border maybe even big enough to get it to size--maybe you'd need two.

Janine said...

All of these look great but I'd choose the colourful one with the black :)