Monday, April 23, 2012

Purple Mountain's Majesty

Just got back yesterday from my trip and we had a great time. Very quiet and serene, relaxing with no arguing. Let me state that again. No arguing. I don't remember a time where I've spent two days where I didn't hear an argument at some point. That picture is the view from my room in the cabin. This was basically looking out toward Blue Ridge. So gorgeous....and quiet. Did I mention how quiet it was? I don't think we mothers get exposed to quiet enough.
We spent most of our time just chilling out, but we were able to visit a little arts and crafts festival where one of the photographers very kindly offered each of us a free 5x7. My sister and I each purchased another print as well but I thought it was very kind of him to offer us a free piece. We did a little meandering in downtown Blue Ridge and I even sniffed out the LQS!!  The cabin was great and we are planning on making this an annual trip.

I was frustrated leaving because I didn't get my travel bag finished in time to take it, but I had a little something in my email when I got back to make me feel better. I won a $25 gift card to Pink Chalk Fabrics from Rachel over at Stitched in Color!  I may look to see if they carry any longer fabric for backing. I always seem to need that.


Michele said...

Glad you enjoyed your time away. My cousin and her husband live in Blue Ridge and we hope to be able to visit them some day.

Linz said...

What a lovely view!! I am glad you had a fun, quiet, and argument free time! You are right, we don't get enough quiet!!

Congrats on the win!!

Mitzi said...

Still winning I see! Congrats!