Sunday, April 8, 2012

Twin Quilt Number 2: Top is Done!

Happy Easter!!!!

I finally finished the top for the boy twin quilt!
We've got Dr. Seuss fabrics, Pezzy prints, alphabet fabrics, some of everything!
I actually just finished killing my knees and getting the whole thing pinned together. Onto the quilting! Sorry for the pictures lately. I did some reading and realized I should have been lowering the size of the pictures before putting them in the blog. I've started doing that and so far I've been able to continue using Picasa like I was doing before. But I have noted that the pictures are not as clear which gets on my nerves.


M-R said...

Yay, it looks great, Melinda! He'll have a blast playing I spy with it.

Michele said...

Nice, nice! Finishes are always a wonderful thing, aren't they?