Saturday, March 26, 2011

Atlanta Quilt Shop Hop 2011: Done!!

Well, I finished it. And 11 quilt shops all around Atlanta in 3 days is no minor task, let me tell you. But it's nice when you have good company. Thanks for going with me today, Helen!
Anyway, we started our day at Little Quilts in Marietta. How do you get there? Well, first you have to pass the big chicken...
Can I just say I have never seen the big chicken, but he is totally cool! His mouth opens and shuts, and his eyes move around in alternating circles. I want one. Do they make mini ones? I had to take a picture of it for my kids. They'd love one too. What were we talking about? Oh yeah, quilt shops. Little Quilts is great. It is yet another shop set up like a house which I love.

Excuse my open car door; I had to back up enough to get the whole sign. They have a great selection of civil war type fabric if you're into that but they also carry a lot of more modern type fabrics which I love.
Next we went a few streets over to Tiny Stitches. I love their take on the "Quilter's Tour of Homes" quilt blocks. Instead of creating a quilt, they put theirs into a book and created a story which incorporated each block.
I loved it! I don't know that I would make a house quilt but I really liked the idea of a book. This would be a great way to make something for a small child. Our last stop in Marietta was Red Hen Fabrics. Forgive me as I momentarily vent; how is it that Marietta gets three quilt shops and all the other shops seem to be spread out all over the place? Just thinking out loud here! Or thinking in type, or thinking in writing, or.... oh never mind.
Has anyone been to Red Hen Fabrics? This is posted on their website. When I saw it on the internet I thought the car was painted that way. Nope. It's a quilt. Unreal. It's like a car cover. An amazingly colorful, hancrafted car cover. The fabric store's not too shabby either. I found it rather eclectic; a barn like look outside, a mod podge of quilts inside (ranging from traditional to asian inspired), and Nirvana playing on the overhead speakers. Very interesting.
Our last stop was Stitch 'n Quilt in Mableton. The owner had taken the 'firehouse' theme to a new level by temporarily dying her hair red. All the employees wore dalmation prints and there was a really cute fire station quilt with firetrucks and dalmations on it right in the middle of the store. Very cute.

I really enjoyed my 2011 Quilt Shop Hop trip this year. I may wait a couple of years to do it again though. Once I get all the fabric I bought washed, ironed and put away, the Big Guy might not let me set foot in another store for a while. At least until I actually finish something...


Melinda said...

I am glad you came to Tiny Stitches. The book is open to the square I made - I also put together the book. Sorry I missed meeting you but will look forward to next time.

Mitzi said...

Good for you! I bet you had a blast going to all those shops. Did you buy much? You'll have to tell me all about it tonight. See ya!