Thursday, March 31, 2011

Proud Mama

Don't you love it when your children do things that make you proud? My daughter came home one day last week telling me about a situation at school where some girls were picking on her friend. She told me that she had stood up for her friend, but in retaliation, one of the girls started picking on her. I asked her what she did in that situation and she said she removed herself and moved to the boys' table. You know, she may not always do everything right, but she makes me proud to be her mom every day.

On another note, we had our quilting guild meeting Monday night with a special speaker, Muriel Pfaff. She appears in costume to educate you about the life of a specific woman from history (in our case, Mary Todd Lincoln) and then shows off many of her quilts.
These were taken with my phone so the quality is not great, but believe me, the quilts were beautiful.

You can probably guess who she dresses up like for this quilt. Yup, it's Betsy Ross. The back of this one was very neat because she was able to find some fabric of Betsy sitting and quilting the flag. She had another one for Amelia Earhart that had fabric with little biplanes on it. I would love to be this creative.

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