Friday, March 25, 2011

More Atlanta Quilt Shop Hop and some Quick Driving!

Have you ever had one of those days where you thought, "Now why did I do that?" Yeah, well, it was definitely one of those today. After getting started on the Shop Hop yesterday, I definitely had the bug. So I decided that I would attempt to squeeze in what I could today. I was already planning another trip tomorrow to the north side in the Marietta area so I thought I'd try to knock out some of the ones on the east side that I didn't see yesterday. I can honestly say that I did not have any intentions of seeing all of them because I didn't think I had time. Needless to say, my tires are still smoking (just don't tell my husband)! I started at Patrick's in Covington. I will say, do not rely on a navigation system to get you to this place. Get where the system takes you and then drive further.
May I just say that Patrick's is quite an interesting quilt shop? It seems they decided to do some one stop shopping so they combined a quilt shop with a garden shop. Maybe a husband/wife duo started it with the intention to feed into both spouses' interests?
Look past the fertilizer, and the paper bags. Yeah, up against the wall. See the quilts and the fabric? That's the quilt shop side of Patrick's. Really kind of cool.
I was then able to go by Sweet Home Quilt Co. in Conyers. What a sweet building! I love stores in old houses! And it doesn't hurt that this house is filled with wonderful fabric and other sewing goodies.
Is that not the sweetest place you've ever seen? I love it. I also visited Patchwork Cottage in Lawrenceville and GA Sewing and Quilting in Buford. Patchwork Cottage really seemed to have gotten into the theme, "A Quilter's Tour of Homes." Their part was based on a haunted house so they had all dug into their Halloween decorations at home to put the store in full haunting mode. I had such a wonderful time.
I will say it is very interesting to drive from one side of Atlanta to the other at any time of the day. I thought I would be okay with it being just after lunch time. However, this is Atlanta we're talking about so there has to be some major traffic at all times. Needless to say I made it to the school on time to pick up the kiddos at the end of the day. Only to find out that, "Oops, he did it again," Little Man had gotten yet another oops note at school for behavior. I will say it is usually silly behavior and not mean or aggressive behavior. Not that it makes it any better to see that little white slip of paper in his backpack...

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