Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Starting a blog

Hmmm... I've thought about doing this for a long time but wasn't sure I'd ever go through with it. I give it up to Mitzi at livelovequilt.blogspot.com for encouraging me to start! I love your blog, Mitzi! Hopefully this will give me a way to post things I do but also give me an option for staying in touch with far away family so they can keep up with what we do.
I'm currently working on several quilts and am working on two different quilt alongs. First I'm working on Randi's "On the Road to Spring" quilt in various shades of pink, black and a hint of green. This one actually has a very personal story behind it. http://ihavetosay.typepad.com/randi/quilt-a-long/
I'm also doing a more muted and organic looking version of Karrie Lyne's charm pack quilt.
I actually expect this one to take quite a while because it is much more involved. I am still working on the basic squares and have quite a long way to go.
And (because we crafters just can't work on one thing at a time!) I'm also working on something to use up all those scraps. I chose to do a paper pieced string quilt by Film in the Fridge. I love ALL of her quilts!

Hopefully some of these will get finished soon. I am attempting to do most of my own machine quilting unless it is too large so these will reach completion in time!


Mitzi said...

Good for you! Your blog looks great. I especially love the string quilt. I read Film in the Fridge daily and LOVE all her quilts, too! I haven't tackled a string quilt though. Seeing yours makes me want to now.
See you tomorrow!

Melinda said...

This one was really easy, Mitzi and it uses paper piecing. I'll have to bring a couple of pieces tomorrow to show you!