Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring is Springing...

I love spring. I started really getting into photographing the birds around our house during the springtime several years ago. One of my favorite birds was Tom. That was actually short for 'Peeping Tom' since he loved to light on the window to our deck so he could look into the house. He did this so often, he acquired his name and it stuck.
Tom was quite photogenic and seemed to know it. He was very much a ham when he knew I had the camera out and frequently got his picture taken.

Handsome, huh? Yeah, she thought so too.

So they moved into the birdhouse, had some babies both in the spring and in the fall, then they moved on. Now their children come back every year and do the same. And even in this economic climate, I think we may have some buyers...

Maybe they'll just rent for now.

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