Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Feeling the Love, Feeling the Love!

Look at my lovely new goodie that came in the mail yesterday from Canada!

This was made by the lovely Carla  and I won it for Giveaway Day! I must not have paid much attention to the written info on it because in my head it was much smaller. This is large and lovely! I figured it was about 14 inches wide, but NO! It's about 24 x 28. I love her quilting on it too. She used straight line stitching around the outside and some pebbling on parts of the inside.
It has a lovely floral print on the back as well.
And she included the sweetest card! I have no idea where she got it but it's so cute.
Thank you so much Carla! I love it!


Mitzi said...

Very pretty! Lucky you...that card is too cute!

Grammasheri said...

So sweet! How fun to win such lovely prizes!

Michele said...

Just wonderful. Congratulations. I know you will enjoy it.