Friday, April 12, 2013

Memory Loss, a Quilting Start, and a Goofy Dog!

Okay, so I've been cleaning....and cleaning...and cleaning. And finding that my house never stays clean. May I just say that having a new dog is a lot like having a baby/toddler? The constant need for attention, the frequency with which pottying is done, and the unbelievable way that the house just STAYS filthy no matter what I do? Sigh...Okay, so I vented a little.
I started quilting Alye's quilt today and I found out a little something. I had bought a second machine about a year ago and was sort of unhappy with it because, though it had a few more bells and whistles than my Kenmore, it was more finicky and I never liked the tension. I, therefore, continued to use my Kenmore for most projects. Well, for Alye's quilt I was experimenting with Aurifil thread so I thought I would dust off the 'new' machine and give it a whirl for this. It's still not perfect but I think a lot of the issue was that it liked better thread. It's working SOOO much better with the better thread!
Oh, and the goofy dog? My sewing room is in my basement so I usually let her roam a bit in the back yard while I am sewing. I looked out to check on her and found her doing some checking out of her own.
I wish I had seen her getting in it!

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