Sunday, April 28, 2013

Making a Difference and I Didn't Even Know It!

My quilt guild (which I haven't been able to go to in a while because baseball and dance are both on that night!) used one of the donated quilt tops to create a quilt to donate to Relay for Life as a raffle quilt. A little article went into the local newspaper with a picture of it being presented to one of the walkers. After looking at it and thinking it looked kind of familiar, I realized it was one of mine!
My friend, Jo, who is presenting the quilt in the picture, was so apologetic that the piecing of it didn't get credited to me, but I really didn't care. I was just so delighted that they chose it to use as part of the fundraiser. The article indicated that another quilt was also donated so I'm really praying they got a lot of donations through the raffling of both these items. Since hubby works for the hospital, he was part of their team for the relay Friday night.
The kids and I totally enjoyed Xanadu Friday night. We went by a pizza place for a quick bite beforehand, then spent the show up on the front row. My 11 year old daughter was in a fit of giggles through most of it and my 7 year old boy kept dancing. I just kept singing to myself. I remember going to see it at the movies when I was my daughter's age. We had such a blast! And we're off in an hour or so to go see Footloose at one of the local high schools with some friends so it is 80's crazy weekend!
I am almost finished sewing the binding on Alye's quilt so hopefully I will post it tomorrow!

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Michele said...

Very nice and definitely a proud moment for you. As for the 80s weekend, just make sure you don't change your appearance to that era's style.