Wednesday, April 17, 2013

WiP and an Appliance Question

I'm still trucking along on the quilting on Alye's quilt. I'm done with 1/4 of it.                
I decided that, since I don't like total symmetry but I didn't want to do FMQ on it, I would do straight line quilting but mix it up a bit. Here is my idea for the design.
So far so good!
And now for opinions!
My dryer is starting to die, and we have had on again/off again issues with the washer so we are now looking. I was tempted to go with a front loader for the washer but have not been impressed with all the negative comments I hear about them (moldy smell, slimy seal if not allowed to dry between loads). My sister has one and she has had those very issues. So I am asking for opinions. What kind of washer/dryer combo do you have? Is it fairly new? Top or front loader, and what is your opinion?

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, I don't own a dryer.. no room!
But I really like your plan for the quilting!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I have a top loading washer, and front loading dryer. My mother has a front loading washer, and, she's spent more on repair calls than the washer cost. I hate it when I have to use her washer. I'll stick with a top loading one.

Mitzi said...

I have a Kenmore top loading washer/dryer set that we got from Kmart/Sears in PTC. I have never had a problem with either of them. Very happy with they better not break this afternoon since I went and bragged on them. ha!

Renee said...

Neat quilting pattern! I have a HE front loader LG waster and dryer, about 4 years old. I leave the door of the washer open when not in use and not had an issue with slime, mold, etc. It washes really well and is super gentle on quilts (great for sleeping bags too!). We have a super capacity, which is nice.

Michele said...

I didn't want a front loader either when I was shopping for a new pair for this house. I chose an LG top loader with no agitator, direct drive system so no belts to wear out. I love it. It fits so much more. It is the WT5001CW and DLG5002W and I got them at Home Depot. I researched a ton, these goot good reviews and I've been very happy with them. Godd luck!