Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Oh Happy Day!...(with a minor glitch)

You can find my SMS giveaway here. I apologize again for not being able to keep up with the number of responses. I tried but there just ended up being too many at a time. Plus I'm still trying to enter a few contests myself.  I've been absolutely gobsmacked (to borrow a term from over the pond!) at the number of people who have entered my giveaway. I think highest number of entrants I've had for a giveaway was at the last SMS giveaway. I had 190 over the span of a week. This time I'm at 300 already and it's only Wednesday morning! I'm freaking out!

Now another happy day moment: okay, so you know you have reached a new age in life when you get excited about things like appliances. Like a new washer and dryer. Hubby and I finally went shopping this past weekend and purchased a new washer and dryer. They were delivered yesterday, HOWEVER, the washer could not be hooked up yet because undoubtedly we have the OLD type of shut off valves where there is one switch for both the cold and hot water. When he turned on the water, it began to leak at the valve. He said we needed to update it to two shut-offs, one for each temperature, because the newer machines create too much pressure. Not sure how that's supposed to make a difference but they say that it does. Hubby had to fix it which ended up being a little more complicated than we hoped because it leaked inside the wall. Yikes! All is fixed now though and I am the proud mama of two new appliances. I am also almost finished with one project (just waiting on one piece that I had to order). Pictures of that will have to wait though. It's a surprise (shhhh!). Hope your day is glitch-free!


Cindy Sharp said...

Congratulations. Nothing like an appliance that can actually do it's job.

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said... your shiny new machines....will almost make doing laundry fun!

Michele said...

Very pretty. They look an aweful lot like mine. What did you end up getting?

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Hope you enjoy your new 'toys'.