Wednesday, May 29, 2013

WIP and some Graduations!

I have actually been sewing a lot this week! I have 7 of the 14 rows done on my Falling Good Fortune Charms...
No, that's actually not the direction it goes on the bed, but it fits that way while I'm deciding what block goes next. And yes, it could use some more ironing! I left it at my sewing machine with one row all pinned and when I got back to sew it, it had gotten a bit wrinkled.
I have also been working on a READ wall hanging for my friend who is the media specialist at my kids' school.
I haven't gotten far with it yet but  I did go through my bag of selvages to find some "titles" for the books that will go with it.
I really need to come up with something to do with these selvages. Hmmm...
Anyway, I did find a few and I can sew in the rest.

My beautiful niece got her quilt from me this weekend. She was so cute and excited! This was a combination "turning 18" and graduation quilt.
There was a cookout at her house to celebrate her graduation. She told me later it was already on her bed at home. I love it when a quilt brightens someone's day, don't you?

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Catrin Lewis said...

I love the idea of using selvedges as book titles.

Your niece looks really pleased with her new quilt, I think that a quilt really does make the best present for rights of passage events. In years to come she'll look at that quilt and remember her high school days and how easy life was back then! you can't do that with a cheque!

Judy H said...

Beautiful quilt and I am sure she will treasure it. Giving a quilt to someone who really loves it is almost as fun as making it.

Cindy Sharp said...

Well done Aunty.

Michele said...

I love seeing what you've been up to. Everything is just great.