Monday, May 20, 2013

When I Was Almost Ready to Give Up...

I ordered some hardware for an upcoming project from a shop on Etsy. Unfortunately the only shops that sold needed hardware were overseas. I found a good deal from a shop in China and was able to buy 2 WITH shipping and handling for less than I would have paid at the suggested in states shop. I paid back on April 27. I received a confirmation from the shop that the "parcel" had been "dispatched" 5/3. I was finally able to track it online on 5/7 when it read, "Acceptance." Since then I have waited...and waited...and waited. Finally about 5/13 it read something new: "Origin Post is Preparing Shipment". They put that one on there three times! I was just getting ready to throw in the towel and order some from a states shop when I checked a few minutes ago. The new line reads "Processed through USPS facility".... in Flushing, NY!!! It has finally made it to the good ole' US of A! It was processed at 9:14 this morning so hopefully I should be seeing it in my mailbox in the next couple of days...and we will pray that it is good quality and I won't have to worry about replacing them after this nail biter! You see, these are needed for some projects I am presenting in a blog hop that is coming up fast and furious in the next couple of weeks. Thankfully, I got really motivated and did the sewing part already. Now all I'll have to do is add the hardware and I will be ready, Freddy!

I am sewing! No pics yet but I will have some soon!

In other news I spent the weekend totally jelly (as my 11 year old daughter would say) of all the people who got to go to Portland for Quilt Market. I am very thankful for all the wonderful pics everyone posted on Instagram. Did you get a look at that gorgeous Tula Pink butterfly quilt? To have a quilty brain that works like that, I'm telling you!

My hubby and I also attended a cookout at the house of my hubby's boss this weekend. What a lovely home! This was the view from their upper deck/porch area in the back.
So pretty. They even have a koi pond. Check out the view once the night sky hit.
How gorgeous? Very. My biggest issue was that I couldn't figure out how to take pictures of their kitchen without looking totally obnoxious. Again: jelly. My kitchen needs some serious help.

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