Thursday, June 27, 2013

Just Guilding Along!!!

I finally made it to a quilt guild meeting Monday night! I've missed so many this year since my lovely daughter's dance class was that night. During ways and means (we purchase tickets for prizes), I won a neat new pair of scissors I'll have to let you know about.

It advertises that you can cut through up to 8 layers of fabric. Not that I need to cut through that much, but I'll let you know!

We had a wonderful speaker named Teddy Pruett who is a quilt appraiser.  I love speakers who can keep your attention, with almost a bit of 'entertainer' quality to them, and she was definitely the ticket. She was a hoot with her stories and I absolutely loved her art quilts. They are quite my speed! Let me just tell you about some of them.

  • A "Cook is a Four Letter Word" quilted (with a Dresden plate, of course) depiction of a harried housewife complete with stove dial eyes and every four letter cooking word you can think of: sift, pour, dice, bake stew, etc.
  • A "Fractured Wedding Ring-The Divorce Attorney's Quilt" which depicts a large heart. The center of the heart depicts the perfect marriage, while each side shows the way things can go wrong.
  • To Hell with Housework which depicts exactly what you think it does!
  • The Church Ladies is a celebration of Southern Gospel choirs. The choir robes are actually made from Crown Royal bags!
I loved her stories as well; she mentioned purchasing an old apple core top which one of her peers referred to as "the old panty crotch quilt". Oh my gosh! I can never see apple cores when I look at those quilts again. I kind of always thought the shape looked like panty liners, but I wasn't going to say it!! 


Grammasheri said...

LOL! Not sure I'm going to make my apple core table topper after all! She sounds like my kind of speaker...I'm going to have to check out those quilts!

Michele said...

It sounds like it was a great time for all.