Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pies and Projects

I made another Cool Whip pie for my neighbors the other day; this time it was blueberry with the fruit on the bottom yogurt. I had some fresh blueberries I put on top for looks.
We also finished the final end of the year activity; modern dance recital. They did a great job and I am so proud of my beautiful daughter!
I also made a little trip to Hobby Lobby cause I needed a new wreath for my front door. I was inspired by this wreath over at All Things Thrifty, but then I saw this one which would more easily help me get rid of some scraps. I started out using scraps of everything, but I quickly decided that I would rather stick with a color scheme.  I quickly got drawn in by the colors in this ribbon.
So that became my jumping off point. I'm not quite done takes a lot more fabric and ribbon than you would think to fill it. I also wish I'd cut the pieces a little longer, but c'est la vie! I will know better next time.
I think it's good to take pictures so you can stand back and figure what's needed where.
I also painted a C for the middle.
I will take some better pictures on teh door when I get it finished. Now, back to Falling Charms!!!

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