Saturday, June 1, 2013

Whole Lotta Sewing Going on!

I decided for a little in between project while working on my Good Fortune Falling Charms and my READ mini wall hanging. I decided I needed to replace our coasters since the new pup has eaten at least two of the ones I had crocheted. with a dog! Anyway, I was all keyed up to do some string coasters with my tons of scraps when I came across some leftover Georgia fabric on which I had already attached iron on fleece floating around in my scraps tub. Can't beat it when a step is already done for you!

 So I salvaged enough to make 5 coasters. I cut my fabric to 4.5" squares and sewed around three sides and a little in on each corner of the fourth side.
 Not all tutorials will tell you to do this before turning but it helps immensely to me. It creates your corner so you can go ahead and poke out all the corners at one and they are more uniform. I also snip off each corner close to me seam to make sure the corners don't pucker.
 Here I have turned my coaster out and poked out my corners. Now I just folded the opening in about .25" and ironed. I did a stitch all around for closure close to the edge on all 5 coasters. I had an idea for doing some hand quilting to make a meandering stitch throughout (sort of like a road visiting all the sites) but I never thought it looked right. I love hand quilting on everyone else's work but it never looks right to me when I do it! So I just ended up doing some minor quilting on each one. I did something different on each: concentric boxes, improv, a grid, an X, and some outlining.
I thought they turned out pretty cute! Maybe the dog won't eat these! And I still have muslin and batting I cut out to do some string coasters, so I'll probably go ahead and make those too.
I finally pinned Falling Charms to the wall so I could get an idea what it's going to look like. I also placed it on my bed and it really looks nice. Six more rows before adding borders!!!


Catrin Lewis said...

Good tip about sewing around the corners! I know That I'll be using that in the future. x

Anna McCurdy said...

the falling charms pattern is very nice - do you know where to find the pattern ?
Your niece's quilt was lovely- she looks like she is going to love it very much..
You have been one busy lady- look at all the quilting you have accomplished.