Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Birthday Week

Birthday week starts tomorrow at my house. What? You don't have birthday week at your house? Well, my birthday is tomorrow, my daughter's is Saturday and hubby's is next Wednesday. The only one who really gets a party is my daughter, of course, but the other birthdays still occur. I already got a bit of an early present from my daughter. We went to Publix yesterday afternoon for their little Halloween haunted house and while we were there they had a cake walk. My kids and my neighbor's kids played and my daughter won the first cake. Here's what she picked out.

Afterward she came up to me, leaned in to me ear and said, "You're welcome, mom." Kids are too much sometimes, ya know?
Last year for her birthday we did the Harry Potter party for her. That was very involved and took tons of planning. This year I toned it down and she's having a few girls sleep over. We're having them bring their sleeping bags and calling it a 'Camp-in/ Campout'. Instead of sending the girls home with cheap bags of junk and candy (especially after Halloween), I'm making each of them a pillowcase. My daughter picked out the fabric and so far I've finished one. When did I say the party was? Friday? Um, yeah, time to get off the computer!
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Denise :) said...

How sweet and thoughtful! And it was chocolate, to boot! I love our Publix bakery -- you know you got a great tasting *and* looking cake! Happy early birthday! :)

Pat said...

Happy Birthday!

Dannelle said...

Happiest of birthdays to all! We have several at the end of Nov. (including me!) and early Dec. Then My oldest daughter Dec.31!!!

Bree said...

Happy Birthday Week! We have birthday week, too. But.. um, it's only my birthday. I just make everyone celebrate for a whole week, hah! I fit nicely into your week - mine's Thursday!
How sweet with the pillowcase party favors!

Rachel D @ Just Sew Y'all Know said...

Happy birthday Melinda! Good luck with the pillowcases!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! I'm behind on reading blogs, so, I right on time for your birthday! The pillowcases will be fun. Our 'birthday week' is actually 14 birthdays in approx. 7 weeks (hope I didn't miss anyone). CRAZY!