Friday, November 25, 2011

Ideas and Progress...

As I mentioned the other day, I finally finished the back of my Embroidery 101 quilt. Then I figured out that I didn't have quite enough of the navy to make my binding. So I took a chunk of it out of the back, and filled that back up with more scraps. Here's what it looked like before.
See that large navy block? I know, I know, there are a lot of large navy blocks. I'm talking about the one on the bottom on the right. Well, I used the old seam ripper and removed that piece. It was just enough along with the piece I actually had left over. And here is what I did to that hole.
I like it better. I only wish I had taken out the one on the left instead so the navy blocks would alternate back and forth. But it's fine so I'll take it!

I also have been planning out Christmas gifts. We draw names in my husband's family and hubby got his mom's name. She hasn't been reading my blog lately so maybe I can get away with sharing this. If she chose today to start reading again, she needs to wait until tomorrow!
Anyway, she and I were talking the other day about paint changes she wants to make in her bedroom and I mentioned that they reminded me of Fiestaware dishes. If you have ever looked my Pinterest you will see that one of the VERY first pins I ever made was on my Color Inspiration board; Fiestaware dishes. And I have to say that it is right up there with The Princess Bride on how much response I got to it. I did not repin that picture; I was the original pinner (not that someone else hasn't done it, I just never saw it). Since pinning that picture 7 weeks ago, it has been repinned 45 times. Absolutely blows my mind! What were we talking about? Oh yeah, conversation with MIL.

Anyway, the colors in her bedroom make me think of some of those Fiestaware colors. The next thing she mentions is that she would love to one day have a set that consisted of all the colors. I finished her sentence for her. I have always wanted the same exact thing! And I would love to have those open-look kitchen cabinets with glass panes so you could see them. Well, I can't exactly buy her a 12 set of Fiestaware dishes, but then again, couldn't I?
Okay, so if my MIL is reading, now would be a good time to stop.

Did you stop?

Turn away now!

Are we alone yet?

Okay, so I started doodling and came up with an idea for a mini-quilt.

What do you think? I have a lot of solid scraps so hopefully I can match up enough to get the idea. I've never done a mini-quilt before so I'm not really sure how big to make it. I really just wanted to get the idea down on paper first to see if I liked the idea. I'm still trying to decide whether to add saucers under the cups, but I may just leave it like is. Oh, and I completely forgot to add this! Since Fiestaware is solid and not print, I thought I would do the dishes in solids and maybe do a print as the background to sort or look like wallpaper!
I am also dying to remember a specific teacher gift tutorial I came across several months ago. I just have this memory of someone blogging about something really cute they were doing for teachers. That's all I remember. Not real helpful. You would think I would have tagged it or pinned it or something, huh?


Linz said...

First off - I like the scrapy back so so much!!! Awesome!

And OH MY GOODNESS!! That will be the CUTEST little mini quilt!! SO cute!!

Allegory said...

Cute cute cute miniquilt design.

M-R said...

Great scrappy back! LOVE the miniquilt idea. I like it without saucers because it looks like the stack could tip at any moment - drama! But I'm sure it would look great with saucers too. For the teacher gift tute, was it a lunch bag? Ayumi at Pink Penguin has a great tutorial for a lunch bag. I've made three of them and will be making more.

Dannelle said...

Love the idea for the mini-quilt. I am working on some placemats for my friend who has fiesta ware!

Pat said...

I love the scrappy back, both the before and after! What a great idea for the mini quilt. I think I like the cups as is, but you probably could change my mind! :)

Michele said...

Really cute idea. I'm sure she will love it. I hope you can get it done in time.

Kathy said...

I like the scrappy back. I LOVE the little mini quilt. Wayyyy too cute! I live a little over an hour from the where Fiesta is made. They have a "seconds" room where you can buy mix and match sets. I wish it wouldn't cost an arm and leg to ship them...