Sunday, November 27, 2011

Today is the last day to enter for my Princess Bride book giveaway! Check it out here. I will try to post the winner as soon as I get back from taking the kids to school tomorrow morning.

I forgot to mention that I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Did anyone brave Black Friday? I actually went out for just a little bit while my MIL watched the kids. She went out earlier and came by here on her way back home. But I really plan on doing some cyber buying in the morning. Good luck on sales!

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Jamie Lee said...

No shopping for me on Friday. I went to Walmart two weeks ago at 4:30am (ours is open 24/7) and did all the holiday shopping pretty much without the kids even knowing. It was unbelieveable...about 200 workers stocking shelves and me, the only shopper. I got everything else on Good luck to everyone with their holiday shopping!
ps. I have been known to go shopping the day after Christmas, but this past year I had just had a baby two weeks earlier, so I skipped it. I might go this year!