Monday, November 14, 2011

Goodies in the Mail, a Guest Post, and Another Bag Idea!

I got my fabric to finish my Embroidery 101 quilt the other day. Now that I finished my bag I can get back to it. I decided to use the scraps leftover from the quilt along with some purchased fabrics for the back. The scraps and the large yellow floral actually do appear in the quilt but the rest or others from the Just Wing It by Moda line. I got everything from the wonderful people at Sew Lux. They were so nice and quick, and when I got my order there was this sweet handwritten note on the back of their card thanking me for my order and for shopping with them 'again'! How nice is that? Not only did they take the time to handwrite a note, they took the time to acknowledge that I had purchased fabric from them before! Very sweet!

I have leftover scraps in the baggie, the 3 top little squares are all fat quarters, the floral is a large 30" x WOF piece and the 'almost' navy stripe (yes, it's a stripe) is 2 yards. I'm doing the border out of the navy and piecing the back. I'm hoping to salvage enough of the navy to do the binding.

I am also working with April at Kool Beenz to guest post on her blog for a link to my project bag tutorial. Very cool!
As far as the bag idea goes, here's what I was thinking. I kept thinking I'd like to make a smaller version of the bag for travel purposes when you're working on a specific project (in other words, not so big!) and I got this idea; instead of using a single piece of fabric on the outside, why not make quilt blocks as the outside? Then I was thinking, if the block needs to be a rectangle instead of square, wouldn't my X Marks the Spot quilt block be a cool version of that?
I want to do it in different colors to try it in somethin gelse but I really think it would make a cool bag!
So it looks like I have another tutorial coming up before long! And if you can make the block for the bag, then you can make more than one block to make the quilt!


Linz said...

YEA!! Congrats on the guest post!! That's awesome!

And yes - that block would make an AWESOME bag!!

Mrs.Pickles said...

Nice fabric and lovely block. looking forward to the tutorial!

M-R said...

Great idea, Melinda! Looking forward to the tutorial.

Anonymous said...

I adore the black and green color scheme of that quilt block!