Tuesday, December 20, 2011

All I Want for Christmas...

Is to finish this quilt! I finally finished the top. I have posted pictures of this quilt before but it was never big enough. It is now an odd 45x55 but that's as big as it's going to get. I'm done! Now I have to get it quilted and bound by Friday. Ach!!!

I also found out this morning that I won another pattern through the Blog Hop Party! This is the Floating Stars pattern over at Heather Spence Designs. Isn't this pretty?

And the elves. Oh my, the elves! They have been up to more mischief.  They were so pooped out the other night from their shenanigans that they had to take a rest.
They were found with a tiny note that read:
too busy
needed rest
see you

This morning they were back to their regular chaos having raided the kids' toys.

They were racing a truck with a  remote control dinosaur. Looks like prehistoric skill outweighs modern day know-how, huh?

I also wanted to end with picture of our tree. I have never been able to get a good picture of our tree while it was lit until I came across this recent tutorial. I can't say that I have a fabulous comprehension of shutter speed and aperture yet but I at least got a fairly decent picture of the tree (though not as great as Emilie's!).

I'll have to let you know tomorrow what I won at the LQS. I'm going to run by and pick it up today!


Linz said...

I think the quilt top looks wonderful!! Good luck with the quilting!

Great tree picture!

Jennifer Gail said...

Your tree is beautiful. Love hearing about the elves;)

Jennifer Gail said...

Oops got carried away with the tree and elves. The quilt is looking wonderful.

Cassie said...

Can't wait to see that quilt top all quilted! Good luck!

Cherry Red Quilter said...

Loving that quilt - get to work it is going to be gorgeous completed and the pattern you one is gorgeous too - maybe a new project in the New Year. Poor little elves - glad to see they got their energies back though! LOVE the tree! happy stitching and baking and Christmas prepping!

Mrs.Pickles said...

wonderful quilt top and that tree is beautiful!