Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Q is for Quilt!

My youngest is in kindergarten and this week was "Q" week. Okay, now get ready to laugh. It didn't even occur to me. He asked me what he could take for show and tell. I can honestly say it didn't even cross my mind. I was thinking "quarter" I sat in my sewing room...sewing. Uh, yeah. He was thinking and looking around. Then he looks at me and says, "Mom, how about I take a quilt for Q?" DUH! Ya think? I felt so stupid. I told hubby and he said, "You don't think it was subliminal, seeing as how he was surrounded by them at the time?" Well, yeah, but I was too and it didn't even click for me!
So today I made a little field trip to his class with some quilts. Just a few. Maybe 5. But the kids ended up enjoying it.
But my big old bag came in handy for taking them all. I actually took a couple of blocks including my improv house from the Skill Builder so I could show them how you use shapes to create something new.

I also finally got my friend's Sunbonnet Sue bags done.
I used more traditional fabric on the outside...
then I used pink gingham on the inside of the brown ones...
and red gingham on the inside of the purple one.
I know they both look the same but there really is a color difference in real life! I gave them to her last night but then I took them back so I could take pictures! Aren't I awful? Well, gottat go check on the elves...something tells me they're going to be silly tonight!


Linz said...

hahaha!! I love it when the obvious is totally off the radar!! Happens to me all the time!!

Those bags are cute!!

Dannelle said...

At least you weeren't thinking quince!

Alli said...

That's hilarious! That must have been a super fun show and tell day. :)

Mrs.Pickles said...

very cute bags!