Thursday, December 22, 2011

Home for the Holidays

We will be spending the holidays with my parents this year for the first time ever. Hubby's new job restricted when we could be where for Thanksgiving and Christmas so it ended up being better to switch this year. We went to his mom's for Thanksgiving and are going to mine for Christmas. My sister and her family will be there as well. There is always the possiblity that my grandmother will come too, so it will definitely be a house full!

I finished my niece's quilt this morning...finally!
Sorry for the inside pic but it's been raining all day here.
I did the back in a stripe. It's hard to tell in these pics but I just did a diamond crosshatch type quilting on this one.
Here's a close-up of the back.

I also picked up my goodies I won from the LQS. I won three charm packs of Jovial by Moda.
I'm excited to have something to make another Christmas quilt for next year! This one will be bigger.

I guess that's it. OH! Except for the elves. Yeah, they've been on high silly alert.
They got into the Operation game yesterday. Then my son was not paying attention (walking backward) and bumped Elphie with his foot. I warned him that she would not move the next day but I don't think he believed me. Jingles even looked a little concerned about her this morning.


Jan-Maree said...

Your niece's quilt looks great - Jovial should make a lovely Christmas quilt and those elves - my what mischief they get up to!

Mrs.Pickles said...

lovely quilt and a wonderful prize you won. I love that fabric line.

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Gorgeous quilt! I like the back and the quilting too.
Congratulations on your win! Really I think Operation is funny by itself but when elves are playing it?! hahahaha!!

Linz said...

YEa!! That quilt looks AWESOME!!! I love the quilting!! Have a wonderful Christmas!