Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas is Coming, Christmas is Coming!

I'm really trying to get on the ball since Christmas is right around the corner. I baked cookies last night (Mexican wedding cookies) and I finished the top of my Fiesta dishes wall hanging!
I think it's going to be so cute! Here's what I'm putting on the back.

Now I have a dire in the world do I quilt this thing?  Usually I can stand back and look at my projects and get an idea of what to do, but not this time. I originally thought of using a colored thread and pretending I was creating a wallpaper design on the white, but the dishes are going to have to be quilted as well. I'm just not sure how I want to do it.

I received a correction from my daughter regarding the elves rapelling yesterday. She told her dad that they had accidentally gotten locked out and were attempting to get back inside the house. I had said they were escaping. I stand corrected!
This morning they ventured farther out and were found in my car. It took the kids forever to find them and I think they were getting a bit concerned.
Of course, I don't think the elves thought this out. The one on the steering wheel brushes the top of my legs when I turn, so we made an executive decision that it was okay to touch clothing, just not skin.


Pat said...

Love the "dishes". You could stitch in the ditch around the dishes, then stitch the white like wall paper. I think it would make the dishes look a little 3D.

Love the elves!

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

I am no expert on quilting..but I would stipple white on white on the background to keep the dishes as the focus, and probably echo the lines of the inside of the plates and cups.

Linz said...

hahaha! I love the elf on the steering wheel!

The dishes look so good! I don't know about quilting either. You could do 1/4 in inside the edges of the dishes, then "wallpaper" on the white? Tricky!! Good luck!

Mrs.Pickles said...

I just love those darn elves. I am no help with how to quilt that lovely wall hanging though.

Cherry Red Quilter said...

Love the plates - stitch in the ditch for the plates and then do your wall paper - and those elves! I bet they are more careful about where they go tonight!

Barb said...

Funny about the elves.

Alex Anderson said one time that if all else fails, do a grid.