Sunday, December 4, 2011

An Elf Education

Okay, so I had a few people not know who the Elf on the Shelf was. Undoubtedly this originated here in Georgia but it seems to have stretched out to other areas because they sell them at Barnes and Noble. The idea is that this woman's mom used to put an elf out on the shelf when she was a child. Her mom told her that the elf kept tabs on her behavior for Santa. I'm not crazy about the little videos and we don't use the book. We also have our own versions of the elves. The fun part is that the elves are playful and like to be silly. They 'hide' all over the house and when the kids awake in the morning, they never know where they will find them. Last year the elves just sat out in different places but, now that there are so many ideas out on there on the internet, I think there might be some more inventive things happening with our elves. I will try to include a picture each day of what silly mischieviousness our elves are up to.
Here is where the elves will be found tomorrow...
The silliness is only just beginning. Hubby told me not to use up all the good stuff this week so I'm starting small and getting big!

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Linz said...

Fun!! That seems like a great tradition! I'll have to look into it!