Monday, December 5, 2011

Yard Sale Goodies!

So one of the ladies in my quilting guild likes to hit yard sales. This past weekend she came across one where someone was getting rid of all their mother's quilting supplies because she passed away this year. I went and came across a few goodies that I picked up.
I got an Olfa rotarty cutter for $7.50, a pile of batting for $3 and a tin full of thread for $5. I haven't measured the batting yet but it is two LARGE pieces, and the thread is all Gutermann and Mettler. Several had never been used. I really think I messed up not buying any fabric. There was a box of Asian fabrics which I really thought about but I didn't see a price on it. One of the members of our guild got it. I actually saved several members of our guild from walking into the wrong house! But all in all I thought I did pretty well for $15.50!
I am also rethinking the poor string quilt again. My niece's mom emailed me today to say that she really wants a purse. I know exactly which one I would make her. I just have to decide, which gift?


Linz said...

Great score!!! Right on!

Hmmm... I have no idea which gift. If you have an alternate home for the strig quilt, then go with the purse, but if you were really excited about her having the quilt, give her that anyway!! She'd love it! Good luck choosing!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Give the string quilt now, then the purse for her birthday. I love great finds like that.