Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Holy Frijoles, Batman!

I am officially freaking out. I was cooking dinner last night when hubby came in carrying a small box that had been left on the porch. He said it was for me, and he kept grinning. I was a little scared to open it. But when I got inside I saw a tablet. A Nexus 7 tablet! I was stunned. I started immediately running down the list in my mind. Birthday? Nope. Anniversary? Nada. I even asked him if he felt guilty about something. Nyet. He says that I talked about them and he assumed I wanted one. Uhhhh... yeah, sure. I remember telling him about an article I'd read where they were saying this one was a good deal in comparison to what else is out there, but wow! I wasn't expecting one. Especially for no apparent reason.
I'm kind of excited! A kid with a new toy! Of course, it will have to be hidden from my daughter. She has been dying for a Kindle Fire. Hello? You are 10 years old....and if I don't have one, you can't have one either! Of course, I can't say that anymore. I was going to check out a drawing app Lynne talked about on her blog but I saw that it was Touchdraw which appears to be a iPad only app. So I'm still looking. Oh, and you know this means I've got to make a bag/cover!

On another happy note, I noticed a new addition to the family on FB this morning. I don't know if anyone remembers Reagan's quilt I made in remembrance of my cousin's child who died about two years ago. She was about 18 months old. Yes, this story gets happier. There's a new baby in their family...meet Lincoln.

Isn't he a cute bug? I may have to make a play quilt for him. 


Cindy said...

How fun it that?!

Michele said...


I'm hoping to win an Ipad in the softball tournament raffles this Saturday.