Sunday, July 22, 2012

It's Toni's Fault! Oh, and Allegory's Too!

I totally had no plans of starting anything new, cause goodness knows I have plenty of projects that are nowhere near finished. But then Toni posted about a Christmas quilt,...and Allegory's been having this Soda Pop Quilt along for Katie's Soda Pop quilt. So what could I do? I ask you, how could I say no?
I had these 3 charm packs of Jovial by Moda that I won several months ago at the LQS and I was thinking that would chop off a lot of time. I personally think the quilt looks better with lots of colors but I really just wanted a smaller version and I had no other grand ideas for those charm packs so... we'll see how this works out. I even came up with a cute name for it, cause you know people have cute names for these quilts. Mine is called Yule Pop! So far I'm just putting my squares together but I should finish that today.

I also got my monster Bottled Rainbows pinned and ready to quilt...but I haven't decided on a thread color yet. So I need help people! What color thread would you use on a rainbow quilt? Oh, and what color would you make your bubbles on the Soda Pop quilt? I haven't figure that one out yet either.


Barb said...

It always rejuvinates me to start a new project. (never said I could spell)

piece peace said...

I really liked Jovial and I think Yule Pop will be just as awesome as its name. For quilting thread, when in doubt I go neutral. I really despise using my seam ripper when quilting.

Michele said...

It will be interesting to see how your Yule Pop turns out. I have some Jovial here myself and have no clue as to what I will do with it. As for the quilting thread color...I have no clue either. Sorry. I'm no help.

Allegory said...

Christmas Soda Pop!!! I would have never thought it. Holy smokes...I wanna make a Halloween one now.
Love it!
I'm gonna share this on Twitter if that's okay with you?