Thursday, July 26, 2012

Remember When Schools Were a Priority?

Remember when: 
  • school supplies meant a backpack, a pencil and some paper?

  • bathroom supplies on your child's supply list would have seemed ludicrous? 
  • every politician in the United States wasn't trying to cut spending so instead of increasing taxation in the upper class who can afford it, they slash school funding?
Sorry for my rant; I just returned from spending $70 at Walmart for school supplies and that didn't even include tissues, a roll of paper towels, pencils, and a 3" ringed binder because I already had them at home...and a 5 pack of pocket dividers for her notebook because Walmart didn't have any. I am not aiming this toward the schools. I have worked there. I know and I understand. I am just sad that America is supposed to be such a wealthy country but we can't afford to outfit our schools with what is needed for our kids.

I also had to hit Aeropostale which may be my saving grace this year. My 10 year old daughter looks more like a 13 year old (height and physical maturity-wise) but she's still a 10 year old inside so she's fighting how she looks. She wants to wear cut off jeans and big baggy boy shirts to school. I told her she was going to have to compromise with me somehow I wasn't going to send her to school looking like a bum. We actually found 5 shirts to start off so I feel much better.

Also, I have been having problems with blogger lately. Has anyone been having issues with blogger 'whiting out' parts of their posts? I will write a post and nothing looks wrong on the post page, but when I try to publish, some of the sentences are just long white rectangles and can't be read. I usually have to rewrite and move it around until I can make it go away. I can't tell you how may times I had to rewrite portions of this post to get it to stop.


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. It wasn't a problem when my boys were in private school, but when they went to public school the shopping list was terrible and I had three to shop for. I worked and volunteered at the school so I saw a lot of what was going on too. It was irritating though when my son "ran out" of folders even though I know he didn't use them all, along with many other things.

piece peace said...

Sorry blogger is being a pest. As for everything else...amen!

sandandstarfish said...

Oh my gosh... I'm starting the kiddo in pre-school this year. No supply list, just a "wish list" that the teacher has asked for. I'm scared to see what will be on it.
$70?! that's insane!!!
I remember when I was little were were allowed 1, just 1 fun folder. Lisa Frank, Spiderman, whatever. The rest, plain colored everything. There were 5 kids in my family so you can imagine how costly fancy everything would be.
$70!!! I'm still shocked. Good thing I have one more year to wait.
And tissues and paper towels... none of that was ever on my lists growing up either!!

Michele said...

I hear ya. The "list" thing started for us last year. This year I will have 2 to buy for. Not looking forward to it.

Jen B said...

As a teacher I totally echo your sentiment about wishing that schools were a priority. Politicians rant about how terribly our students perform then they turn around and do just about everything possible to gut the system. I'll step down from my soapbox now. Just know that teachers really do appreciate support from the community!